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Coulisse roller blind collections

We present an exceptional new design roller blind collection inspired by art, fashion, architecture and design. The new collection is built up around four themes: Serenity, Craft, Herbarium and Decadence. With these new collections, we present new exclusive fabrics that either create a bold fashion statement or a stylish natural atmosphere.


Our Serenity collection is all about creating a soft and dreamy world. The collection includes basic white fabrics with flowery prints in delicate pastels and jacquards in soft color tones. Some fabrics have a subtle shine that creates a luxurious feeling.


The Craft collection expresses the longing for authenticity and imperfection. The collection shows natural textures, warm earthy color tones and authentic prints. The fabrics have a handcrafted look that makes us reconnect to the origin of things. Our Craft collection is available for roller as well as panel blinds.


The Herbarium collection is inspired by hand-painted designs, drawings and prints from botanic archives. The collection is worked out in pasty colors and includes plain fabrics in a variety of weaving textures: from delicate fabrics with a wool or cotton-look to fabrics with a looser yarn for a modern look and tactile feeling. Our Herbarium collection is available for roller as well as panel blinds.


Our Decadence collection celebrates the abundance of nature with flowers, designs and rich ornaments worked out in shiny printed fabrics and jacquards. The colors are bold and perfectly suited for contemporary eccentric interiors, in which they create a high-fashion look. Our Decadence collection is available for roller as well as panel blinds.

Apart from new design roller blind collections, our range of new collections includes new plain fabrics, screen fabrics and wood varieties for 50 mm Venetian blinds.

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